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GPT wrote this about Crime Travelers, award-winning book series for kids!

Are you looking for a spy mystery that will take you on an international adventure? Do you want to read a fun and educational book that will increase your global awareness? Do you enjoy middle-grade action with no guns or romance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should check out Crime Travelers, a series of books by Paul Aertker. (Photo by Dall-e)

Crime Travelers follows the exploits of Lucas Benes, a 13-year-old boy who lives in a hotel in Paris. Lucas is not an ordinary kid. He is part of the New Resistance, a group of young spies who fight against the evil Good Company. The Good Company is a corrupt organization behind many of the world's current problems.

Crime Travelers is a thrilling series of books that follows the adventures of Lucas Benes, a teenage spy who infiltrates a dangerous organization that kidnaps children and forces them to work in illegal operations around the world. Lucas and his friends use their wits, skills and gadgets to fight back and expose the truth. Along the way, they discover secrets about their own pasts and the mysterious Crime Travelers network. If you love action-packed stories with twists and turns, you’ll love Crime Travelers. Click here to visit the Crime Travelers product page and order your copy today!

Lucas and his friends travel to different countries and use their skills and gadgets to stop the Good Company's plans. Along the way, they encounter danger, mystery, and humor. They also learn about geography, art history, and culture.

Crime Travelers is a series that will appeal to readers who love adventure, suspense, and humor. The books are full of geographic references and kid-appropriate language. They are perfect for reluctant and advanced readers alike.

If you want to join Lucas and his friends on their missions, you can find Crime Travelers on Amazon or at your local bookstore. You can also visit the author's website at to learn more about the series, watch videos, and sign up for newsletters.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover a new world of mystery and international adventure. Crime Travelers is a series that will keep you hooked until the end!

ChatGPT did a pretty good job! Hope you enjoyed this and I hope you'll pick up the Crime Travelers trilogy!

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