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(Formerly called 5 Fun Facts! See #15 for reason)



1. We didn’t have TV for twenty years. It was the best thing I’ve done to improve life.

2. Then we missed TV. Desperately. So we just got one. But we don’t really watch it.

3. I love being 11.

4. When I finished reading Lonesome Dove, I cried for three hours. Straight.

5. I speak French and Spanish; I used to speak Arabic and I can say w’sup in Soninke and Wolof.

6. When I was 15, I slept on the streets of London and watched Princess Diana’s wedding--

besides my birth and wedding and the absence of TV, it is my single most life changing event.

7. I have practiced saying the name, “Diana,” so I don’t cry in public.

(There's a lot of crying in this list. Does he have a problem with crying? I don't know. But I heard he's a real nice teacher. Okay. If you say so.)

8. I secretly wish I was giant so my interpretations of Chris Farley would be funnier.

9. My desk is a collage of maps from all over the world. Prague to Montana. I glued sponges to a chair, too. Thousands of sponges. It’s kind of cool. The map desk and the sponge chair.

10. I used to be a reluctant reader. Crime Travelers solved this problem!

11. I am the ninth child of nine.

12. I can’t wait to sell everything and travel again. I’ve done it once and will do it again.

13. I think the Crime Travelers series is the best book series for summer reading. A travel series for kids for crying out loud. (More crying?) 

14. I love being in places where I don’t know the language; where I have to learn it. Fast. Portugal é meu lugar favorito para visitar. But Mexico is fun, too.

15. I’m not crazy about arbitrary rules. They seem so made up. This list was supposed to only have five things. You can choose the ones you want.  (Yes, I know there is a split infinitive in the previous sentence. See my rule about not being craaaaaazy about rules.)


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