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“A funny & smart middle-grade series
that reads like the Bourne Identity
but for kids.”

"The true beauty of this series is the educational and moral lessons that are woven into the stories in a fun, adventurous way that keeps young readers engaged."


"We would definitely go watch a movie(s) based on this series!!!"


"The Crime Travelers children's book series combines action and adventure 

with global awareness and smart humor." - ClarionRating®: 5/5

"This series is more travelogue than a nefarious tale. Good clean fun. Super exciting. No soldiers, no guns, and no romance-- the only thing dirty in this book is a diaper." Contact:

  • 100's of geographic references

  • Ideal for younger advanced readers

  • international & inclusive

  • 800+ global reviews averaging 4.7 for 3 books in the series. 

  • Pure middle-grade action-adventure.

  • No guns. No romance. Nothing adult. Not YA-Young Adult.

  • Illustrative world maps. Paris. Rome. Barcelona.

  • Kid-appropriate language.

  • Perfect for reluctant and advanced readers alike.

Editorial Reviews

Whether sipping café con leche at a vineyard in Andalusia, using jackhammers to rescue monks from the palace-fortress of Alhambra, or fighting for their lives in scuba gear deep in the Mediterranean Sea, the New Resistance kids maintain an attitude of fun. The clever wordplay, humorous dialogue, and heartwarming team rapport are present throughout the chases, battles, and action sequences, as well in the moments of reflection, as both the Good Company and the New Resistance attempt to locate " treasures far more valuable than priceless."- Foreword Reviews

I downloaded a copy of this book onto my tablet, but before I could get started with it, my 12-year-old son stole my tablet so he could read it first!! He loved it so much that we ordered a copy of the book on Amazon so he could read it again without hiding my iPad from me. We enjoyed this 3rd book as much as the first two books in the series!! What a fun read! We both learned something about the geography of Spain and got an art history lesson in the process!

Lucas Benes and his globe-trotting New Resistance friends have no fear as they take on Siba Gunerro, CEO of The Good Company and her latest group of Curukian thugs. Lucas is relentless in his quest to take down The Good Company, and in the process uncovers the real meaning of the "Priceless" message left to him by his mother.

The true beauty of this series is the educational and moral lessons that are woven into the stories in a fun, adventurous way that keeps young readers engaged. We would definitely go watch a movie(s) based on this series!!!

The Crime Travelers series combines action and adventure with global awareness and smart humor. - Foreword Reviews

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Paul Aertker

author of the Crime Travelers series & Posthumous

© 2023 Paul Aertker All rights reserved.

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